In conversation

In conversation

Change is in the air here at Max, like all good things, we’re evolving.

That’s right, we’re breaking new ground and having some fun along the way! We’re challenging the status quo, and re-inventing Max into the lifestyle brand that you have been asking for.

So much has changed since Max first started out in 1986 – from who we are, to what we wear. Life, and the fashion industry itself just seems to be getting faster. So we’re slowing things down, bringing a fresh and mindful approach to style and lifestyle.

We’ve been working away behind the scenes to perfect every element of your Max experience. From our stores, to our collections – we’re reflecting what’s important to us, and to you, the modern New Zealand woman.

What isn’t changing? The authentic, friendly bespoke styling service offered by our in-store teams around New Zealand. Your favourite smiling faces will be with you every step of the way, as the magic starts rolling out in the coming weeks, months – and beyond.

So, join us on the journey, inspired by our own history as the brand that knows New Zealand women best.

New Zealand has a unique landscape, perspective, and style like nowhere else. Locally owned and run, we believe we know New Zealand women best. After all, as New Zealand women ourselves; we’re connected to the Kiwi way of life.

In this new chapter we’re changing the way we work; bringing a fresh approach to the collections we design. For us, it all starts with purpose – making sure the garments we create for you are not only for the present moment but for every part of your life. Whilst still being trend focused, timelessness is also our priority, using international trends to inspire us but always adapted to reflect our way of living - the result, modern ranges in high-quality and sustainable fabrics made to be worn, loved and last.

Style is unique to all of us, it’s not bound to an outward appearance, but rather it lives at the heart of what we do, it shapes and informs our decisions in life – how we live, what drives us and what we aspire to.

We’re lucky to call New Zealand home, but our perspective is global; fostering mindful manufacturing and consumption – for a better world.

In this new chapter, we’re slowing things down and bringing a mindful approach to the products we design, and the way we do business.

We’re taking responsibility for our impact on the world; collaborating with industry partners both locally and offshore to ensure we leave the smallest possible environmental footprint. Our goals are ambitious, with plans to develop circularity and zero waste solutions.

This journey starts where your garment begins: the fibre. Our focus is moving away from products made from cheaper, man-made fabrics – instead actively sourcing natural, and sustainable alternatives.

And we’re off to a great start: in just one season we’ve replaced the majority of our textiles with greener substitutes. The result: higher quality products that are made to last.

We’re shooting for progress, not perfection – this is just the beginning.