In conversation

In conversation

Jasmin Scott has an innate sense of style that extends through her jewellery range Jasmin Sparrow, to her gorgeous home, and personal style.

Indeed, the art of dressing – and wearing jewellery incredibly well – is steeped in family significance for Jasmin; the latest in a line of stylish, well-adorned women! When it comes to both business, and her wardrobe, Jasmin’s process is consciously sustainable, and guided by instinct.

We joined Jasmin to talk inspiration and intuition; and discover the process behind her beautiful range for the EBM line – a collaboration where Jasmin Sparrow and Max’s shared values, and aesthetics meet.

What inspired you to pursue jewellery design?

I’ve always been very creative and worked across multiple creative projects. I did a lot of painting, photography, sewing when I was younger – using my hands in lots of different ways. I started making jewellery for myself to wear, friends and family started asking for pieces and demand slowly grew.

I completed a diploma in jewellery design in Wellington, then set up a little studio at home right before my son Archie was born. It was a special time being at home with him and working away in the studio, being able to perfect my skill while he napped. It grew slowly and organically from there.

What personal significance does jewellery have for you?

My grandmother worked in a jewellery store for 30 years, so as a child – I’ve got two sisters – every Christmas and birthday, we would be given a really special piece of jewellery. We all had charm bracelets, and she would let us go into the shop and pick a charm each special occasion. So we’ve all got these beautiful charm bracelets. I still have mine!

My mum was also just a very stylish woman and back in the 80’s she had the most amazing collection of statement earrings, which have had a big influence on the brand. I would raid her collection and wear them as soon as I could! I feel like I’ve always been surrounded by beautiful jewellery.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I’m inspired by a lot of things, strong independent women inspire me daily. I admire old women on the street that are really well put together – elegant, powerful females.

I love old films and galleries, the usual sources of inspiration. But also just being in nature. I’ll have a cluster of ideas in my mind and then I’ll go on a beach walk by myself and I’ll just put it all into perspective. That’s where my ideas really flourish, when I have time in nature.

What can you tell me about the process behind the collection you’ve designed to complement the EBM range?

I wanted to create something that was going to complement the colour palette. So we decided to go with the beautiful baroque pearl which is really irregular in shape and quite different to any pearls that you’ve seen. We managed to find one that had that point of difference; and then a beautiful teardrop smoky quartz, that sits beautifully next to the EBM colour palette.

Part of where the Jasmin Sparrow brand really connects with Max’s values is through conscious manufacture – what place does this have in your business?

Way back, after I did the jewellery course and started making myself, the demand grew. I realised that I just couldn’t keep up. I looked to find New Zealand jewellers, but it was really challenging and really expensive as a young brand, so I went to Indonesia. I was quite reluctant to take manufacturing offshore but knew that I had values that were non-negotiable: I wanted it to be a sustainable practice.

I went over there and found a beautiful woman who I’ve worked with since. She has a small family-run business, I go and visit at least once or twice a year – more if I can – to spend time with her. I wanted to make sure that the work conditions over there were of standard. I’ve grown with them, and they’ve grown with me - they’ve employed new staff as the demand has grown. They use recycled materials where possible - it’s not 100% recycled, but where we can we do - and we’re really careful with where we source all of our stones from.

Your personal style is incredibly effortless! What is your approach to dressing?

With two kids I am drawn to really easy pieces. I admire lots of beautiful, classic international brands like old Celine, The Row, Lemaire, Jil Sander – old favourites of mine. Just really good basics, that make an easy wardrobe.

I always like to feel comfortable, and I always try to be polished and put together, even if it is just dropping the kids to school! I think there is power in dressing and I like to feel powerful when I put my clothes on.

What part does jewellery play as an extension to your wardrobe?

I feel so naked without it! I’ll go to Yoga with all of my jewellery still on. I just never take it off. When I put a pair of earrings on I think it elevates a look.

I think I’ll always pile jewellery on, but I do think less is more – to a certain extent. Having key pieces, or layering up small fine pieces is great. You can overdo it, so you need to be careful not to cross that line, but I definitely think jewellery completes a woman’s look.

Lastly, what words of wisdom do you follow in business and in life?

Trusting your instinct with anything in life. In business, if I could give one piece of advice that’s what would it be. I think just being in tune, trusting your instincts and listening to them is so important.

I check in on any decision I ever make and if it doesn’t feel right, I won’t do it. Just knowing yourself well enough to stop and check in.

Photography by

Sara Orme

Words by

KM Marks

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