In conversation

In conversation

Whilst on our summer roadie to Mount Maunganui, we stopped in to catch up with one of our talented artisans Monique Hemmingson at her home in Papamoa.

Sharing the same passion for people and planet as we do, Monique has been working on a new project called Moon Mama – a supportive and educational space to help new mothers on their own journey of motherhood and champions conscious business’ that help divert waste from landfill.

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Starting the day, what does your morning routine look like?

Our little girl Lulu usually wakes up around 6am, so my husband wakes me by opening all the curtains in our room and brings her into bed with me and our dog Remy on his way out the door for work. Depending on the season we watch the stars melt away or the sun rise, casting shadows on the neighbouring farmland hills. After a little snuggle we get up and get organised for the day. During Lulu’s first nap I work from my home office.

You’ve just launched your latest project Moon Mama, tell us a bit more about it and where your inspiration came from.

Moon Mama has come from a place of passion and experience. I finished writing Wild Kinship towards the end of my pregnancy and like all new mothers have had a steep learning curve as I adjust to the new world of motherhood. I wanted to create a supportive, inspiring, and educational space to help Mothers on this journey that also championed conscious business’ and helped to divert more from landfill. Moon Mama is my way of ticking all of those boxes and is a sort of collision of my old and new life.

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What are some daily rituals you try to stick to?

These are pretty scarce these days. I guess simple things like getting outside for a walk. We try to get down to the beach daily and I like to finish the day with a good book.

Being based in one of NZ’s favourite places for taking it easy, what are some of your top spots around the area to eat, drink and play?

Walking up or around Mauao never gets old, it really is so beautiful and something we do most weeks. Our usual foodie joints are Rice Rice Baby, Eddies and Elspeth, George or taking a cold pressed juice or Sushi down the beach.

As we approach the heat of summer, what are your wardrobe go-to’s when the sun is shining?

I live in flowy deliciously light linens and love neutral tones. I’ll generally be wearing a maxi or midi dress or oversized shirts with some denim shorts and Birkenstocks.

Photography by

Brijana Cato

Words by

Courtenay Lewis

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