100 years in the making

100 years in the making

We love connecting with local makers and were thrilled when Parisian – New Zealand’s finest belt makers said yes to curating a collection of handcrafted styles for our latest range. For Parisian, it’s not just about 100 years in business, but celebrating a century of making their products in the heart of Auckland.

Introducing Parisian x Max.

This iconic family-owned and operated company are keepers of their craft, their skillset has been passed down through four generations of family and shares the same spirit of exploration, values of craft, quality and care that we have here at Max.

They welcome a changing world in which consumers are not just asking, but making choices about the provenance of their purchases, a world in which small, niche and specialist makers are celebrated.

“We make things we like for people we like even more.”

– Parisian

Not willing to settle on style over substance, these Parisian pieces are investments for life, made to last and be loved for years to come.

Many of Parisian’s relationships have been forged over generations, working with real artisans in the creation of the raw materials that they bring home to New Zealand to fashion into pieces unique to them.

Their story starts with the raw material – carefully selected artisanal leather from Tuscany, Italy. The Tuscans are renowned for their beautiful leathers. Small batch vegetable tanning and hand finishing allows each belt individuality and therefore each belt can retain its own unique character.

Parisian feels there is a genuine sense of investment in bringing lasting quality to these belts, letting the materials showcase themselves with careful attention to the finishing details that bring them together. Each style is individually numbered, meaning you can trace the item back to the provenance of where the leather is from.

In true craftsmanship style, Parisian continually searches for the finest materials, bringing them home to their residence on the edge of Myers Park in the heart of Auckland and now into our Max stores.

Photography by

Sara Orme

Words by

KM Marks

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