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In the usual day to day, self-care is not often at the top of our priority lists. Ensuring that we are looking after ourselves will often take a back seat while we work to keep everything else in order.

Following on from our IGTV workshop with Nicky from Indie + Mae, we thought we’d share the benefits of self-care and the easy ways in which you can treat yourself to a bit of TLC because you deserve it!

You may have seen the trend on face rolling - the new self-care go-to designed to gently massage the face with proven results to de-puff and firm up skin. Typically made from materials such as rose quartz and jade; face rolling can be traced back to Chinese origins - believed to have once been used by the elite to keep skin ageless and beautiful.

As well as feeling amazing, face rolling has some actual benefits and when performed regularly can deliver great results.

Nellie Ryan

How to use a face roller:

Learning to use your face roller correctly is the only way to maximise the benefits and see progress.

  1. Apply a facial oil, serum or moisturizer to a clean face and neck.
  2. Starting at the neck, slowly roll upward towards the jawline. Repeating up to five rolls in each area, always roll upwards never up and down.
  3. Start moving the face roller from the nose outwards towards the ears
  4. From between the eyebrows, roll along the forehead upwards and outwards.
  5. Roll flat over your eyebrows horizontally.
  6. Using a light pressure, use the smaller of the rollers for your eyes.

TOP TIP: Refrigerate the roller overnight and use first thing in the morning to combat puffiness.

When it comes to choosing a face roller, our favourite is the Salt by Hendrix Rose Quartz Face Roller which works to enhance the effectiveness of your beauty routine and won’t break the bank.

Nellie Ryan

Lymphatic draining

One of the main benefits of using a face roller is lymphatic drainage, a type of massage that pushes fluids to your lymph nodes working to ease muscle tension, remove toxins and stimulate blood flow for happier, healthier skin.

Get the most out of your skincare

Face rolling is a great way of getting the most out of your skincare products. By applying serums and moisturisers as you massage your face with the roller, you are allowing your skincare to work deeper into your skin. We love the Manuka & Kawakawa Face Serum by Country Kitchen, packed with goodness, this serum is a powerful blend of New Zealand botanicals formulated to soothe and heal your skin.

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Courtenay Lewis

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