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ZQ Merino

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For the past year we’ve been working on a new 100% merino collection that is softer, finer and more premium than ever before. We’re now using ZQ Merino wool for a range of our new merino styles for autumn / winter.

ZQ is the world’s most ethical merino wool and the newest addition to our collection. Working with growers that believe in farming sustainably for generations to come, ZQ is audited by third parties to ensure that their growers uphold key values such as animal welfare, environmental sustainability, high quality fibre, traceability, and worker welfare.

ZQ Merino


ZQ Merino is fully traceable back to the individual farms the merino wool comes from. We are proud to say that ours, in particular, is traceable to New Zealand farms - connecting people and planet.

Animal welfare

ZQ sheep are free range, roaming in vast open pastures in high country hills across several countries. Wear your ZQ piece confidently knowing the sheep live natural and healthy lives.

Environmentally sustainable

ZQ growers are passionate about the natural landscape they call home and ensure their farms adhere to high environmental standards.

ZQ Merino

High quality

Not all wool is created equal. ZQ Merino is the highest quality grade and handpicked for assurance. The fibre quality all comes down to the welfare of the animals – better for the environment, better for you.

Social responsibility

Sustainable farming is linked closely with the health and well-being of those involved. ZQ promotes safe and healthy workplaces, fair wages and ensures growers have access to income stability.

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